Care For Today & Tomorrow

As one of the world’s leading seaborne transporters of petrochemical gases and natural gas liquids, Evergas recognizes its social and environmental responsibility.

We are committed to sustainable thinking as we believe this will unlock growth to the benefit of both Evergas and society.

Our efforts in sustainable development are particularly focused on, but not limited to, the following areas: Innovative Technology & The Environment, Health Safety & Security (HSS) & Development of Human Resources, Governance Standards.

Being an ethical and responsible business partner is of utmost importance to us. We believe in acting for the future by caring for today and tomorrow. For that reason we created the following objectives.

Innovative Technology & The Environment


Continue to be in the forefront of the industry by creating sustainable and pioneering solutions that improve efficiencies, and reduce our environmental footprint.

The world economy is in constant growth which is driving an ever increasing demand for petrochemical and liquefied gases, and without these our fast-paced and dynamic everyday-life could not function in the way we are used to. While alternative sources cannot contribute significantly, oil and gas remain the world’s major energy source.

Moreover, natural gases have a rainbow of uses – they are used to cook food, they are crucial element in building cars, homes, textiles, cosmetics, medicine and technical devises. Evergas transports the gas necessary for modern global consumption, but we are committed to making gas transport greener, more efficient and safer.

In 2013 Evergas ordered 8 vessels from the Dragon series. This series is particularly interesting seen from a sustainable perspective because it is the most advanced multi-gas vessels and the first vessels designed to make perfect use of the by-product from its cargo.

To read more about what we do to protect the seawater environment, and what our targets and actions are – download our “Evergas Sustainability Report".

HSS & The Development Of Our Employees


Promoting the health of our employees through sustainable working conditions and providing healthy lifestyle options at work.

Ensuring a safe and controlled working environment for our employees and those associated with our business.

Maintaining the security and safety of our employees, their property and our assets.

Maintaining competitive advantages in the marketplace by recruiting and maintaining some of the most skilled and ambitious employees in the industry.

Make contributions that provide better living standards for our employees and their families.

Our employees create and shape our company. We therefore recognize the need for retaining and maintaining talented, dedicated and satisfied employees.

The health and safety of our employees have always been integral to the way Evergas conducts business, and we are constantly striving to further heighten our standards.

It is very important to us that we provide a safe learning environment that help our employees realize their talent both at sea and ashore.

To learn more about what we do to ensure safe and satisfying working conditions, our targets and actions – download our “Evergas Sustainability Report”.

Governance Standards


Continue to be engaged in international collaborations that create shared value.

Comply with all known current and future regulations.

Ensure high vetting quality.

We work hard to ensure high quality vetting. We engage in international collaboration and compliance, and value its effects because it gives the industry a collective voice, it raises standards, provides commercial tradability, ensures compliance, raises training standards, and shares best practice.

At Evergas we are members of the following associations:

  • Member of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network
  • Member of Tankers Safety Forum
  • Member of ITOSF
  • Member of SIGTTO
  • Member of Danish Ship-owner Association

We are committed to strict compliance worldwide with laws prohibiting bribery. Working against corrupt practices is very important to us. For that reason we have made an Anti-Corruption Policy. To read this policy, and view our vetting targets and actions – download our “Evergas Sustainability Report”.

Responsible Ship Recycling

It is Evergas policy to recycle ships in a responsible manner, so as not to pose any unnecessary risk to human health and safety or to the environment.

At the end of its operational life, ships shall only be sent to yards for recycling, which have been certified by any of the IACS member to meet the requirements of the IMO’s Hong Kong International Convention for safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships.

The chosen yard shall be audited by Evergas to verify HSSEQ compliance standards before and during recycling process.