Andreas B. Carlsen

Name: Andreas B. Carlsen

Department: Chartering

What do you see as your main objective at Evergas?

As part of the Commercial Team, my job is to negotiate, and strategically plan cargo contracts for our fleet of vessels in order to keep them employed on a continuous basis. When planning cargo contracts for the fleet, it is vital to risk assess the counter parties prior commencing negotiations, in order to avoid financial disputes and breach of sanctions. For negotiating cargo contracts, the focus is on obtaining the highest possible earnings within the various cargo contracts available in the market.

What do you love about your job?

I like to travel and meet customers in person, as the human factor is essential in order to grow business. Further, the strategic planning of the fleet as well as the contract negotiations suit me well.

What is it like to work in an international environment?

I believe the international environment is creating value both internally, as well as externally. We have colleagues speaking many languages, and we have offices spread out geographically in order to cover many time zones. That way, we can defeat language barriers between ship and shore, as well as service our customers round the clock.

Why is Evergas the right company for you?

 Evergas gives me the opportunity to work commercially on a global scale. Being part of a small chartering team allows me to engage in a variety of commercial tasks, which I find motivating.

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