Our Full Circle Service Platform

We always do our very best to create and deliver highly advanced innovative transport solutions for our partners & customers. We are the only shipping company within the gas sector with the advantage of being a full-circle-service provider allowing us influence and access over design as well as contracting, and construction of gas carriers.

The owners of Evergas, Jaccar Holdings, has entered into a partnership with Watts Gallop Group. The partnership agreement covers the field of gas tanks and equipment manufacturing in the oil and gas sectors, and operates under the name; Watts Offshore & Engineering (WOE). Our group’s EPC company, JHW, will handle all design engineering and contracting work, while WOE will be the majority owner of the manufacturing platform located in the Shanghai area.

This partnership allows Evergas influence over design, contracting and construction of the next generation of gas carriers, which reduces risks, and allows us the unique opportunity to create tailor-made solutions to the benefit of our partners and clients.

The Evergas — Ineos Story

The INEOS project is an excellent example of our ability to create world-beating vessel designs that are tailor-made to fit our clients' requirements.



Chemicals are crucial to our modern world. They are used in almost everything we buy and use each day, which in turn relies on oil and gas.

With the North Sea gas supply in decline, gases have become increasingly difficult to source in Europe. Contrasting to this, the US is experiencing a booming petrochemical industry.

INEOS wanted to harness the competitive advantages of America, and bring it to Europe.

In order to transport ethane safely across the Atlantic INEOS needed a partner with the right expertise. Evergas was chosen for the project because we created the best plan – we carefully listened to our clients’ requirements, and used our technical expertise to create world-beating designs.



At Evergas we do not just design standard vessels – we go the extra mile to make sure we meet our clients’ requirements.

If existing technology is not sufficient – we do our utmost to create it. We simply do not stop just because people say it is not possible.


Designing The Vessels

Ethane has to be supercooled to -90° C (-130°F). It has only ever been shipped in small vessels on short routes. Crossing the Atlantic was therefore a much greater design challenge.

Another challenge, and a world-first, was to connect the fuel and cargo systems so that the engines could run of the same gas.

In order to create this world-beating vessel design, Evergas worked with Greenseas Marine – a design company focusing mainly on large and middle-seized merchant ships, HSVA in Hamburg to fine-tune the hull design for maximum efficiency, and Wärtsila – a global leader in sustainable power.



The two first Dragon Class 27.500 cbm multigas LNG carriers, JS INEOS Insight and INEOS Ingenuity,  were successfully named on the 14th of July 2015 at a ceremony at the Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering (SOE) shipyard in Qidong, China. Each vessel in the Dragon Class series of eight represents  different dragons symbolizing their Chinese and Western heritage.

Guests at the ceremony included INEOS Chairman Mr. Jim Ratcliffe together with his partner and Godmother to JS INEOS Insight Mrs. Maria Alessia Maresca, Director of INEOS Mr. Andy Currie together with his wife and Godmother to JS INEOS Ingenuity Mrs. Dawn Charmaine Currie, Swiss ambassador to China Mr. Jean-Jacques de Dardel, JACCAR HOLDINGS Chairman & CEO Mr. Jacques de Chateauvieux, members of the vessels crew, and representatives from Evergas, INEOS, SOE, and their respective business relations.

Two days after the naming ceremony, the first Dragon vessels had their maiden voyage. The vessels sailed to Korea where they were tested to ensure that everything worked correctly.  Once they were cleared, the vessels sailed to Marcus Hook, near Philadelphia on the US East Coast.



The 9th of March 2016 was a remarkable day for Evergas and Europe. This was the date the first ethane export shipment departed Marcus Hook Terminal in Philadelphia with a full cargo of ethane.

The JS INEOS Intrepid was bound for Rafnes in Norway , which is a journey of 3500 NM that usually takes around 10-12 days.

The ethane shipment is the first ever from the US to Europe which finally gives Europe the chance to benefit from the US shale gas story.

At Evergas we are very proud of this world-first achievement.


What You Can Expect

  • Our strong commitment to the project
  • That we strive to meet our clients’ needs
  • That we thoroughly analyze the project in all phases
  • That we offer you flexible shipping solutions