Evergas launches the first very large ethane carrier

25 July, 2018

Photo: Launching of the first 85.000cbm VLEC, the largest ethane carrier in the world, which will be delivered in Q1 2019.

Evergas Role in Ethane Shipping

Evergas is very pleased to announce the successful undocking of our first very large ethane carrier (VLEC) in China. The VLEC has a capacity of 85.000 cbm, which makes her the world’s largest purpose built vessels in the maritime Ethane trade.

Our new building program reflects our strong commitment to the emerging ethane trade. Consequently, we are in the process of building a second VLEC. Unintentionally, the successful undocking of the first addition to our VLEC fleet coincided with the steel cutting of our second new building. We celebrated this milestone in the workshop of the leading Chinese shipyard, DSIC.

Our two very large ethane carriers are both delivered to INEOS Trading & Shipping. At INEOS, they serve as an addition to their existing fleet of eight Dragon class vessels. Looking ahead, we expect the delivery to take place in the first quarter of 2019.

The responsibility for the commercial and operational management for the VLECs lies with Evergas. In practice, this means that all aspects of the maritime transportation of liquefied gas are handled by our highly experienced teams. For example, our in-house technical management provides comprehensive coverage of all technical aspects related to the maritime transportation of Ethane. Furthermore, the day-to-day operations are overseen by our highly experienced operations department. In addition to that, our fleet department works around the clock to ensure safe and flexible operations for our range of customers.

About the Ethane Trade

Evergas dares to be the first to build ethane vessels with more than 85.000 cbm capacity. With our in-depth market knowledge and technical expertise, we believe that a focus on innovative solutions and trust in Chinese manufacturing capabilities is the right way forward.  The latter is facilitated by the strong Chinese foothold of our parent company, JACCAR Holdings.

JACCAR and Evergas are dedicated to the “Maritime Gas Silk Road” initiative.  Hereby, one of the main goals is to provide comprehensive maritime midstream solutions. In our case, we aim to connect readily available US shale gas and with growing demand in China.

Evergas is a global leader in ethane shipping. Ethane is used to make ethylene – one of the world’s most important chemical building blocks. In turn, ethylene is an important raw material for a wide variety of industrial and consumer markets.

For further information, please contact:

CEO Steffen Jacobsen  +45 3997 0370 or +45 2961 6594


Evergas is a leading operator within the transportation of liquefied gas ensuring safe and flexible operations for its range of customers. With our modern and fuel efficient fleet we participate in the LNG, ethane, LPG trade. Furthermore, we have extensive experience with the transportation of petrochemical gases such as ethylene, propylene, butadiene and VCM.

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