Namegiving 6th Dragon vessel

30 March, 2017

Evergas’ latest addition to its fleet, the 6th ‘dragon class’ 27.500 cbm multigas LNG carrier in a series of eight was successfully named today the 28th of March, at a ceremony in Shanghai, China. The state-of-the-art carrier was named JS INEOS INTUITION. The vessel bear a distinct dragon symbolizing its Chinese and Western heritage. The dragon chosen to sail and protect JS INEOS INTUITION is the King of Star, a guiding light with a strong sense of destiny.

Worlds’ largest Multigas LNG-Ethane Carriers
The ‘Dragon’ class vessels are the largest, most flexible and advanced multigas carriers built to date. Strong relations, strategic focus and an innovative approach between Evergas & INEOS have been key elements that allowed for the creation of a seaborne pipeline bringing U.S. ethane across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. They are a result of close collaboration with world-class makers with whom the development of these sustainable, efficient and highly advanced vessels were made possible.

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