Safety At Sea

The health and safety of our employees have always been integral to the way Evergas conducts business, and we are constantly striving to further heighten our standards. It is very important to us that we provide a safe learning environment that help our employees realize their talent both at sea and ashore.

HSS Objectives

  • Promoting the health of our employees through sustainable working conditions, and providing healthy lifestyle options at work
  • Ensuring a safe and controlled working environment for our employees, and those associated with our business
  • Maintaining the security and safety of our employees, their property and our assets
  • Maintaining competitive advantages in the marketplace by recruiting, and maintaining some of the most skilled and ambitious employees in the industry
  • Make contributions that provide better living standards for our employees and their familie

What We Do to Ensure Safe and Satisfying Working Conditions

Crew at Sea


  • We take safety very seriously – we engage in compliance campaigns, near-miss reporting program & reward. We have strong PPE policies in place, and provide armed guards in areas where it is necessary.

         Learning & Development

  • We are highly focused on providing a safe learning environment – we provide training programs, and focus on creating defined career opportunities to the highest position onboard and creating future opportunities to work ashore.

         Comfortable Living Conditions 

  • Our high quality vessel design ensures low noise levels, safe, comfortable working conditions
  • The living standards on our vessels exceed the ILO –MLC requirement
  • We provide comfortable living recreational facilities like; movies, internet, phone, healthy food, gym, shore-leave, magazines, news etc. We have made the following policies concerning health, safety and security:

Employees Ashore

         Learning & Development

  • We provide flexible work arrangements
  • We focus on learning and development by providing a safe work environment that help our employees realize their talent
  • We support MBA programs
  • We provide curses relevant for our employees’ work tasks
  • We facilitate teambuilding events
  • When possible we arrange visits to see our vessels
  • On occasion we provide leadership training courses

All Employees

  • We facilitate seminars and teambuilding events to create a united Evergas team


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