Newbuilding & Charters

We offer custom-designed newbuildings to suit the needs of your project developed in collaboration with industry-leading partners and our yard connections and with the option of pioneering zero-emission fuels such as methanol or ammonia.

We offer technical guidance in the project start-up phase on newbuilding outline, budget price setting, analysis of loading-/discharge conditions, ship-shore interface and related feasibility studies.

Project & Business Development Team
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The Operations Team is dealing with the day-to-day operations of the entire fleet. The team makes sure that the vessels are clearly instructed on when and where to go and that everything is being coordinated with stakeholders.

The Operations Team ensures that all the operational aspects of the voyages are optimized and finalized in a correct manner. They take care of:

  • Voyage instructions and agency appointments
  • Fuel optimization
  • Client interaction and customer service
  • Post fixture work

Ship Management

The Ship Management Team in Singapore has the full responsibility for safe operation of the fleet. The team monitors and maintains a close dialogue with the vessels, implements cost efficient and environmental sound operation standards, and ensures compliance with all international standards.

The Ship Management Team:

  • Follows up on class and statutory certification status, and condition of class
  • Arranges for the necessary surveys, and inspections to ensure compliance
  • Manages budgets allocated to vessels, and produce regular reports
  • Monitors the vessels’ performance trends, and take necessary remedial actions


The Commercial Team’s primary focus is developing and securing business on our LPG, ethylene and ethane vessels trading in the spot market.

The Commercial Team on their role at Evergas:

  • Identify opportunities in the market
  • Ensure that the vessels are trading in the most optimal way
  • Negotiating and concluding charter rates and contracts
  • Market analysis & competitor intelligence
  • Voyage calculations
  • Strategy development


The Fleet Team has the technical responsibility, and ensures that the entire Evergas fleet is functional at all times. The Fleet Team coordinates technical activities with third party operators, and are therefore a keystone in the company’s mission to transport gas worldwide.

Some of the team’s key responsibilities are:

  • To maintain and develop the owners’ standards in respect to quality control, and vessel performance
  • To keep abreast with new rules and regulations, ensure that technical managers are aware, and prepare the fleet for compliance
  • Assist in annual budget preparations, ensure compliance with agreed budgets, and actual spending
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"Wärtsilä is extremely pleased to continue this valuable cooperation with Evergas. The concept that has been developed has proven to be extremely successful as evidenced by the fact that it is being continued for a further three vessels. Our integrated solution fully meets the design criteria for excellent fuel economy as well as superb redundancy."
Jaakko Eskola — CEO at Wärtsila Corporation