Evergas as a Partner

We always do our very best to create and deliver highly advanced innovative transport solutions for our partners & customers. We are the only shipping company within the gas sector with the advantage of being a full-circle-service provider allowing us influence and access over design as well as contracting, and construction of gas carriers.

Our Full-Circle-Service Platform 

The owners of Evergas, Jaccar Holdings, has entered into a partnership with Watts Gallop Group. The partnership agreement covers the field of gas tanks and equipment manufacturing in the oil and gas sectors, and operates under the name; Watts Offshore & Engineering (WOE). Our group’s EPC company, JHW, will handle all design engineering and contracting work, while WOE will be the majority owner of the manufacturing platform located in the Shanghai area.

This partnership allows Evergas influence over design, contracting and construction of the next generation of gas carriers, which reduces risks, and allows us the unique opportunity to create tailor-made solutions to the benefit of our partners and clients.


The INEOS project is an excellent example of our ability to create world-beating vessel designs that are tailor-made to fit our clients' requirements.