Title Travelling Marine Superintendent
Categories Singapore
Location Singapore
Job Information

Evergas is looking for a travelling Marine Superintendent to visit vessels periodically to carry out following tasks:

  1. Internal inspection based on SIRE and CDI checklist
  2. ISM, ISPS, MLC internal audits
  3. Navigational Audits based on OCIMF guidelines
  4. Environmental audit
  5. Cargo Audit
  6. Bunker Audit where applicable
  7. Training
  8. Shell Maritime Partners in safety program implementation.

The duration of each trip is expected to be between 10 to 12 sailing days and 1-2 days in port.

This position requires extensive travel (6-7 months) in a year. The candidate can be based anywhere in the world; however, the place of residence must not be far from an international airport.


  • Master Mariner with sailing background on Gas Carriers as a senior officer
  • Strong leadership and coaching skills
  • Thorough knowledge of requirements of SIRE, CDI, ISGOTT, STS guide, industry publications and papers from OCIMF, SIGTTO and other organizations.
  • Self-starter and resourceful


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